How to transform a space in the city

Here is how to transform a space in the heart of the city!

  1. Identify a spot that needs some love. We took a yard on Pierce street that was sadly being used as a dumpster.

2016-03-30-08-50-17 2016-03-30-08-50-06


2. Approach the condo association and ask if “you could possibly garden it, pretty please?” (Thanks Place Pauzé for saying yes!)

3. Approach your city councillor for a work order to clean up the site (Thanks Steve Shanahan!)

4. Clean up the trash. Clean it up again. Clean it up more.

5. Get an awesome group of kids to work the site. Clean up the trash. Install the trellis. Build the planters. Clean up the site once more. 590f401e-9a21-4ac4-a523-eb7ffad465a8 2cd49a6d-09f5-476e-8b21-f1fa07eec471

6. Plant the flower beds.

7. Get the neighbours to help out and harvest.

img_0089 img_0090 img_0014

8. Clean up the trash once more.

9. Admire the beauty.