Innovation Youth’s school program

Did you know that kids can finish their high school degree at Innovation Youth? Through the Distance Education for Adult Learners program at the English Montreal School Board, students can come to Innovation Youth and receive one-on-one help through a directed learning program.

We get kids from all walks of life: drop-outs, kids with learning difficulties, students who work part time and need extra tutoring…They work with our volunteer tutors and complete their assignments and exams through the school board. They either complete enough credits to enter trade school or they can finish their entire diploma.



These students work hard! They’ve got challenges, both personal and academic, and we are proud to help them build resilience and motivation.

Here is a story from Jon, one of our past students:

“When I started coming to Innovation Youth I was full of doubts. I felt like everything I did was for nothing….It was as if Christmas was coming but I was the burnt light. All I wanted to do was shine but I was coming up short….it wasn’t helping. However, Kay and Nicole suggested I set some objectives and plan my schedule to meet my goals. I started coming in every day, all day, and the level of French I was progressing at was exceptional. By Christmas, I completed and passed my exam. By June, I’ll have graduated.”

Jon graduated from Innovation Youth in 2014, having successfully passed his French exam.