Introducing our cooking groups this fall!

This fall, Innovation Youth is cooking up a storm! First off, check out our beautiful new kitchen! We would like to thank La Fondation Jacques Francoeur for donating our new workstation, tables and coat rack, and Air Liquide for donating our cupboards.

2015-10-27 14.40.54 2015-10-27 14.40.46

Every Monday we cook with our students. This gives them something hands-on to do to start out the school week and it also provides them with enough leftovers for their lunches. We have one collective kitchen group with Opération Placement Jeunesse and a Parents and Neighbours collective kitchens every Wednesday.


Finally, a new initiative this fall is our Junior Meals on Wheels program. Every Thursday after school, a group of high schoolers gets together at the center and cooks large portions of soup, desert or any other meal that they feel like, and donate it to one of our local day centres for the homeless. We’re proud of these kids- not only are they learning to cook, but they are also giving back to their communities.

2015-08-19 14.57.49

In short, when you drop by Innovation Youth, it usually smells pretty yummy!