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Response to COVID-19

We take public health very seriously, and have accordingly closed for a minimum period of two weeks, in line with the mandated closure of schools and daycares across the province. During this time, we’re opening an online portal, based largely on our Facebook page, although all information will also be cross-posted to this website.


On our Facebook page, we’ll be going live several times a week with storytime! We’ll also be posting videos from some of our regular activities, so you can craft, science, cook, dance, and make music along with us. Click here to be taken to the video archive page.


Click here to be taken to a document where you’ll find a whole ton of ideas for fun indoors while kids are home! The list also includes ideas that may help you explain COVID-19, social distancing, and proper hand-washing technique. We’ll be regularly updating this list with things that we find, and with your suggestions. If you find a resource that you want to share with the community, drop us a line via Facebook or email!


While the library is closed, all books are automatically renewed on a rolling basis. Unfortunately, you cannot borrow new books, nor do we have an e-book collection.


All major announcements will be cross-posted to our Facebook page and released via this newsletter. If you are a member of the library, you are automatically subscribed. If not, please fill out the form below.

Finally, we know that this time can be a little scary, especially for kids who may pick up on the general level of anxiety, or may be asking questions you don’t know how to answer. We’d like to invite you to join our Library Facebook group: think of it as a place to talk to each other (and to us) about your concerns, share ideas, and keep our community connected.

We’re so proud of our province and our city for taking the necessary steps to keep everyone safe! We firmly believe that social distancing is an act of hope, and we’re happy to talk to you about why that is. Reach out to us any time!

The Innovation Youth library was made possible thanks to the help of the Montreal Children’s Library and the Ville de Montréal. Our partner bookstores are Argo Bookshop and La Librairie de Verdun.