Eating is such an important part of life! Unfortunately, many of us are ill-equipped to make healthy decisions when it comes to food. How do I find healthy and delicious recipes at a low cost? How many fruits and vegetables should I be eating every day? What are some tasty alternatives to fast food? What are the basics of cooking?

These questions are the reason that Innovation Youth, in partnership with Centre Accroche in Saint-Laurent, has developed a nutrition program comprising of a series of workshops, which are offered on a weekly or monthly basis, and teaches and encourages youth to adopt healthier eating habits.


The specific goal is for youth to implement a healthier lifestyle by adopting good eating habits, demonstrating basic nutritional knowledge, and learning fundamental cooking skills.


  • The sessions vary in degree of difficulty and include making snacks, making meals from start to finish, and a collective kitchen in which participants bring home a full meal for the whole family.
  • Participants arrive at the set time and choose a recipe or a whole meal.
  • A group goes to the supermarket together.  Participants become gradually more acquainted with the location of items, price comparisons, and the availability of healthy choices.
  • Group separates into themes and does all the preparation together.
  • Dishes and cleaning duties are handed out equally amongst participants while the food is cooking.
  • The table is set and everyone eats together.  Depending on the workshop, food is divided and brought home to the youth’s families.