Take a look at our gardens!

At Innovation Youth we believe that gardens have a role to play in people’s lives and in the betterment of our communities.

Below is a little guided tour of our beautiful plots, all located in downtown Montreal amongst concrete sidewalks and skyscrapers!

  • Jardin Versailles  is our family garden, especially designed to be worked by parents and small children. The members share the watering, weeding and harvest! Throughout the summer, Eco-Quartier Peter-McGill offers workshops at this plot to train big people and little people alike on how to grow and care for veggies.

image_2 image_4


  • Pierce planters Our newest plot is right outside the center! On Pierce street we have large planters, beautifully decorated by Innovation Youth’s kids. Thanks to the Edible Incredible Movement, we have been inspired to let the public access the produce, meaning it is open for care and harvesting! These planters are improving the landscape of our street and are a great tool to help neighbours get to know one another.



  • Visual Arts Building at Concordia University This plot produces a huge quantity of tomatoes, herbs, peppers and new this year, garlic! The kids in our internship program spend a lot of time at this plot, working it through the harvest season.

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  • St. Stephen’s Anglican Church This year, we will plant several indigenous plants in an effort to revitalize the soil at St. Stephen’s. The produce is given to the members of the Open Door, who meet in the church. Berries, mint, lemon balm and other herbs are on the menu!



  • Presbyterian College at McGill  Finally, another new plot is located on the McGill campus. This inner courtyard has loads of sun and potential! We are partnering with the Presbyterian College to work on rejuvenating this wonderful space, and grow food for members of their community.

Needless to say, the kids hands will be dirty!