The end of our summer internship!

It’s already the end of the internship! This was our biggest summer yet- 15 youth and four urban green areas for our kids to work in. It was challenging for our kids- in between the heat waves, physical work and the trial and error of gardening in the city- but they did marvelously!

They were real examples of resilience, not letting bad weather or tough work wear them down. Some of the highlights from this year’s internship:

  • Making homemade pasta with ingredients from the gardenIMG_2132
  • Building a greenhouse over the tomatoesIMG_2109
  • Tying up garlic 11850479_999510383422028_1150045487261088224_o
  • A great team spirit within the group, despite a diversity of backgrounds, culture and personal taste.


  • Pruning the hedge to look like a heart! 11229363_995898430449890_2534082546702214262_n
  • Seeing the results of a labour of love.2015-08-18 12.26.30


Matthew, one of our interns shared his experience with us: 2015-08-18 09.29.16

“ My name is Matthew and I am 19 years old. This is my second year in the project. I enjoyed it last year, which is why I came back. During the summer time, I want to be outside doing something instead of at home playing video games. I’ve got muscles now! A major benefit from being in the project! The experience this year was good. I liked the planting, the cooking and the group was fun- it was nice to meet new people. As part of our internship, we had to make a personal portfolio, and I made a collage of stuff that interests me. I learned that I’m artistic, I like to make videos and take pictures, and I learned that I like to be active, which is why the physical work in the garden was good for me. I’m becoming a real expert in gardening now- the other day, I helped a friend out his garden- I knew what to do! It felt good.”

Innovation Youth wishes to thank the following partners for the support of this project:  La Ville de Montréal – Urban Seedling – Arboplus – Impact Cooperators – Walmart Evergreen – Concordia University – Presbyterian Chaplaincy at McGill – St Stephen’s Anglican church