‘Tis the season…to give!


Source: http://www.port.ac.uk/

Without your gifts, Innovation Youth’s work would not be possible! Much of our funding depends on the generosity of individuals who want to see the lives of Montreal’s youth transformed.

Community organizations need financial partners who will help them carry out their mission. Innovation Youth is no exception. Our families’ festival, our work amongst drop-outs, our junior Meals on Wheels program- these are all services that depend in part or even completely on funding provided by individual donors.

Our donors are an intrinsic part of our centre’s life- we don’t just consider them as funders or philanthropists, we consider them to be partners in our mission. It is not uncommon for us to meet with them personally and share updates form the center, receive feedback and exchange stories. They see the fruits of their gifts and it gives us a chance to foster relationships with those who make our work possible.

Thanks to all our donors!

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