Update from the gardens!

Did you know that Innovation Youth gardens over 4000 square feet of green space? All in the heart of downtown! Take a look at what our kids have been doing in their summer urban agriculture internships!

Below: The edible flower planters at St Jax Montréal.

IMG_0068 IMG_0069

Below: The veggie crops at St Jax Montréal are quite abundant!

IMG_0074 IMG_0076

Below: The gardens at the Concordia VA are as fruitful as ever – loads of tomatoes are hiding under the greenhouse!

IMG_0065  IMG_0061

And have a look at those gorgeous planters on Pierce street!


Our 17 kids and staff have worked really hard this summer, beautifying Montreal’s downtown through flowers and vegetable gardens, cleaning out liter and giving back to their community. Bravo!

The produce from the gardens, once more, goes to families of the centre and to the homeless at The Open Door. If you’re in our neighbourhood, drop by and check out our amazing gardens!