Innovation Youth loves its neighbourhood!

And one group that really helps out our district is the Peter-McGill Community Council. Innovation Youth has been a member of this council for over 5 years.

What does a Community Council do? It’s a network of sorts, bringing together residents, shopkeepers, students, public and community organizations in order to study the needs of a neighbourhood and come up with innovative ways to improve community life.

The Peter-McGill community council’s objectives are as follows:

  • To create a space (literal or figurative) where the population (residents, merchants, workers, students in the district) may express concerns, make known their points of view and engage in collective actions to improve the quality of life in the neighbourhood;
  • To develop ways of informing and communicating with the district’s residents, merchants, workers and students, and the public and community organizations that serve them;
  • To bring together residents, merchants, workers and students with the public and community organizations that serve them to collectively identify community needs, prioritize actions and carry them out.

Over the past year, the PMCC has held a forum on homelessness, created a working committee for organizations serving 0-5 year olds (with Avenir d’Enfants), lobbied the city to keep the Franciscains lot a green and accessible space for the general population instead of turning it over to commercial means and held a series of 5 à 7 for neighbours to meet each other.

Over the years, one thing has become clear to Innovation Youth: we’re stronger when we know our neighbours and work in partnership! Check out the PMCC’S website: