Introducing our high school program!

Registration is open for the 2015-2016 school year!

Innovation Youth’s High School Diploma program is open for registration! Every year, Innovation Youth welcomes in a small group of students who have dropped out of school. Through a program based around mentorship, life skills workshops and objectives-setting, we help these kids reach their goal of either completing their Diplome d’études secondaire or gather enough credits to move onto to trade school.

Our students come to the centre 4 days a week and adopt a varied schedule of meetings with tutors, school work sessions (through the EMSB distance education for adult learners) and hands on workshops.


By promoting small group study sessions, a positive learning environment, regular evaluation meetings where we review goals and progress and life skills training, we believe we are helping raise kids’ self esteem and equipping them for further education.


School can be tough for someone who has dropped out. They have many barriers to overcome. At Innovation Youth, we want to help kids navigate those barriers and reach their full potential.