Our high school diploma program

Did you know that Innovation Youth runs a high school diploma program? It’s one of our biggest tasks!

We do this with the Distance Education for Adult Learners program through the English Montreal School Board.

Students show up at 11 am at Innovation Youth. They work on their own, in groups or one on one with a tutor. All students set objectives with Nicole, our intervention worker.

Setting objectives is one of the most important things a returning student can do- it helps them keep their motivation up, and enables them to understand WHY they are doing the required work.

Some kids decide to finish their high school diploma – others come for enough credit to do a trade- and still others come for prep work to get ready for the General Development Test- this is the provincial exam to get into certain professional programs. Either way, the message is always the same- set a goal, show up for work, and don’t forget to ask for help.

Innovation Youth has worked with nearly a hundred students since the start of our diploma program. It’s challenging work, but it’s worth it to see former drop-outs succeed in life!

Read below for one of our success stories:

Meet Jessica…

Hello I’m Jessica. I started at the centre close to my 19th birthday. I dropped out of grade 10 at 17 years old. When I left I thought I would never go back to school again. I was feeling a little down on myself. I hated the students, the teachers and the school.

Then one day I heard about the centre. It sounded good but I didn’t have high hopes. Once it started I found that I loved it. The students and volunteers were amazing and still are. We are treated like adults not children like normal high schools. They really care for us.

Thanks to them I am so much closer to reaching my goal of being a graphic designer. I owe so much to them.

Jessica graduated from her studies at Innovation Youth in 2013 and was accepted at Rosemount Technical School in graphic design. She has recently completed her trade.