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The Innovation Youth library was made possible thanks to the help of the Montreal Children’s Library and the Ville de Montréal. Our partner bookstores are Argo Bookshop and La Librairie de Verdun.


Library Information

How to Become a Member

Becoming a member of the library is easy, although at this point we are only able to create memberships in person. Any time the library is open, the staff member or volunteer at the desk can help you create an account by taking a few pieces of information. Memberships are free of charge.

10 year olds rejoice!

You can now open your own library account, take out your own books (up to 5 at a time), and be responsible for your own late returns. Okay, maybe that last part isn’t so joyful!

Membership benefits

Library members who sign up as families can take out up to 10 books at a time. They can also receive program updates every three months, and important announcements via email.

Library members who sign up as individuals – children over the age of 10 – can take out up to 5 books at a time. They also receive program updates and announcements.

You do not need to be a member to participate in any of the library activities.

Loan periods and Late fees

Loan periods are always for two weeks. We allow an unlimited number of renewals, which you can arrange in person at the desk, by phone (number), or by email. Our system will send you a reminder email three days before your books are due, on the due date, and twice after. If your book is more than 10 days late, you may receive an email or a phone call from the librarian.

We understand that life with children is unpredictable, so we don’t charge late fees. We ask only that you be respectful to other patrons and return your books in as timely a fashion as possible.

Renewals, Holds, and Book Requests

You can renew your books an unlimited number of times. You can arrange a renewal in person at the desk, by phone, or by email.

At this time, our system is not set up to accept hold requests. You may, however, speak to a staff member or volunteer, and we can set up to three books aside for you for up to a week.

We update our collection on a rotating basis. If you have suggestions of books that you would like to see in the library, please email the librarian or fill out a book request form at the library. If there is a book in our collection that you find offensive, misleading, or otherwise upsetting, please speak to a staff member. We do our best to take all concerns into consideration when updating our collection.

Our Collection

We are proud to offer books for the very littlest readers (come check out our beautiful board books!), older teenagers (novels and graphic novels in a wide range of genres), and everyone in between. Our collection is primarily French and English, with a slowly growing multilingual section (Spanish, Inuktitut, Kanien’kéha, Chinese, Arabic, and Persian). We are committed to #DiverseBooks, #OwnVoices, and making sure that all our members can see themselves in the pages of our collection.

We focus primarily on books written and illustrated by Canadian and Quebecois(e) authors, and on books published by Canadian companies, and we purchase either directly from publishers, or from one of our partner bookstores.


We are always happy to welcome anyone who wants to volunteer with us! Volunteer sessions are for two months, beginning with an orientation. We suggest that volunteers be available once a week for a two-hour shift, but are happy to work out a different schedule if necessary. All volunteers must agree to a police background check.

For more information, please email the librarian.


At this time, we are not accepting book donations. Please check with a librarian for when donations will open again.

All book donations should be in good condition (no torn/lost pages, no marks in the books, original covers intact), and suitable for children.

Donations of money should be directed to Innovation Youth, although you can specify that you would like the donation to be for a specific library activity, or for book purchasing.