Connections program (formerly : I WANT MY HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA !)

The Connections program works with a group of youth who are looking to move forward towards the next step in their lives. For some, it is completing their high school degree. For others, it is acquiring enough credits to go to vocational school, while for others it is acquiring life skills and professional development that will allow them to enter the workforce.

In partnership with the English Montreal School Board and their DEAL (Distance education for adult learners) program, we offer the possibility to youth to obtain necessary credits towards a high school degree or vocational trade with the Ministère de l’Éducation, des Loisirs et du Sport du Québec.

All students cook together on a weekly basis. Every student is engaged in his or her community through volunteerism.

We also hold weekly workshops: 

  • Workshops geared towards personal expression and the acquisition of psycho-social and vocational competencies
  • Nutrition, personal and social development
  • Study and work methods
  • Art and artistic expressions
  • Goals and motivation techniques
  • Professional skills

For more information regarding the Connections program, please communicate with Daniel Poenaru: