Today, Innovation Youth congratulates its students!

These hard-working individuals have returned to school in order to create better futures for themselves. Every day, students arrive at the centre to go through assignments and prepare for their exams. It is our privilege to accompany them through their studies and help them transition into autonomous adulthood.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: returning to get your high school diploma after dropping out is a challenging task, and our students are brave. They have to get back into a routine, learn new habits, review school material that they may have long forgotten and set goals for themselves. But success is attainable – sometimes all they need is one good grade to begin getting a sense of their true potential!

Meet Domeneco, one of our students this fall:


Nicole and Domeneco, December 2015

Domeneco is visually impaired. He went to a high school adapted for students with special needs but this school was unable of providing him with enough classes to complete his high school degree. His guidance counsellor observed his keen academic abilities, and felt that he had the capacity to complete his diploma, so she called Innovation Youth. Domeneco has been with us since September. He comes to the centre two days a week (he works the other days) and is a model of hard work and diligence. His guidance counsellor was right- he will be able to complete his degree and further his education afterwards, either in technical school or at university. We are so proud of what he has accomplished in a short period of time. His dedication and adaptability are an inspiration to both the staff and the other students here.